Olight SR Mini II Intimidator KIT

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The SRMINI Intimidator II (SRMINI-II) is a part of our new generation of flashlights complete with added features and increased performance.

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The SRMINI Intimidator II (SRMINI-II) is a part of our new generation of flashlights complete with added features and increased performance. The SRMINI-II features a new charging port, and the maximum output is boosted to 3200 lumens. Powered by 3*18650 batteries, the SRMini-II employs 3*CREE XM-L2 LEDs and delivers a bright and wide beam through a TIR lens. The SRMINI-II has three brightness levels and a Turbo and Stroboskopisch mode. The light is equipped with a solid and thick stainless steel bezel that is super aggressive. It is an ideal choice for law enforcement and the outdoors.



  • 3 x Cree XM-L2 LED
  • Maximum output of 3200 lumens on Turbo mode
  • All new acrylic lens with a honeycomb –like streak line surface delivering a homogeneous beam
  • All new thick stainless steel bezel that is extremely shock resistance and aggressive
  • 4 brightness outputs plus a Stroboskopisch mode.
  • Quick Turbo Betriebsweise with the light on
  • Micro-USB charging port with a maximum 1500mA charging current
  • Type-III hard anodizing aluminum body
  • Flat tailcap design with a lanyard hole allows for the light to stand by itself
  • Switch locking/unlocking function 



  • Garantie card x1
  • User manual x1
  • new products brochure x1
  • SRMINIII rechargeable LED flashlight 5 Micro-USB Cable x1
  • USB vehicle power adapter x1 (DC 5V,1A output)
  • 3400mAh18650 rechargeable battery x3 (Up to 500 charge and discharge cycles)
Leuchtweite (feet) 879
Leuchtweite (m) 268
Max. Performance (Lumen) 3200
Ladetyp Micro-USB
Kompatible Batterien 3 x 18650
Lichtintensität (Candela) 18000
Lichtform Breiter Hospot. Perfekt geeignet für Nahbelichtung.
Linsen-/ Reflektortyp TIR Linse mit Glasperlenstruktur (breiter Strahl)
Betriebsweise Seitenschalter
Form/Größenfaktor Große Größe (Deodorant/ Coladose)
Serien SR Serie (Suche und Rettung, Höchstleistung)
  • Large heavy duty industrial silicone switch with Olight insignia.
  • Small soda can type size. Perfect for storing in a pack or on a belt with the included holster
  • Head built into the body with custom 3 LED design.
LEVEL 1 (Lumen) 3200
Laufzeit LEVEL 1 Turbo mode.
LEVEL 2 (Lumen) 1600
Laufzeit LEVEL 2 3h (Olight 18650 3400mAh).
LEVEL 3 (Lumen) 600
Laufzeit LEVEL 3 8h (Olight 18650 3400mAh).
LEVEL 4 (Lumen) 120
Laufzeit LEVEL 4 36h (Olight 18650 3400mAh).
Stroboskop-Modus Yes
SOS/ Warnleuchte No
Wasserdicht IPX8
Gewicht (g) 181 / 6.32
Länge (mm) 132 / 5.19
Kopfdurchmesser (mm) 47 / 1.85
Körperdurchmesser (mm) 47 / 1.85
LED 3 x Cree XM-L2 CW
Verpackung Plastic box
Gebrauch search and rescue, marine, police, security and protection, military, naval.

SRMINIII rechargeable LED flashlight x 1

Micro-USB Cable x 1

Car adaptor USB charger x 1

Olight 18650 3400mAh rechargeable battery x 3

user manual x 1

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